I am Lance Bombardier White. I am 24 years old and have done six and a half years in the Army.

I am currently part of the Officers’ Mess Batting Staff and Tailoring Department of The King’s Troop. I have just passed my basic tailoring course and am enjoying the task of ensuring the Soldiers and Officers are turned out smartly and correctly for every parade.

As a member of the Officers’ Mess Batting Staff, my day-to-day job includes ensuring the Officers of The Troop are turned out to the highest standard for all state ceremonial and public duties. Once the Officers are all prepped and their kit is done, I then assist the Tailoring Department in turning out all the solider uniforms, including alterations, repairs, medal mounting and fitting all soldiers within the unit.

I have taken part in all state ceremonial and public duties including Salutes, birthdays, funerals and horse shows around the country; riding on parade is exciting and makes me extremely proud.

My most memorable moments in The Troop come from partaking in historical prestigious events; I am most looking forward to the upcoming Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

The King’s Troop has given me life skills and qualifications for when I’m ready to leave the Army; it has taught me to be robust and hardworking, all attributes which will be useful throughout my Army career and future civilian employment.