Our people are Regular Army soldiers

The King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery is the Saluting Battery of the Household Troops of His Majesty The King, with a primary role as a Mounted Battery to fire Gun Salutes and take part in state occasions; they are famous world-wide for their awe-inspiring Musical Drive. All members of The Troop are trained operational soldiers and have a vital role in the Defence of the United Kingdom. Individuals have served in Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and the Falkland Islands, as well as in the UK supporting the Civil Authorities on anti-terrorist deployments, driving vital vehicles, and recently in health testing and vaccinating during the pandemic.

The Troop represents the whole Royal Regiment of Artillery and is one focus for the esprit de corps of the whole Regiment. As well as direct recruiting, members of The Troop also come from and may return to other Royal Artillery units in firepower roles: finding the enemy to engage them in the air and on the ground with everything from explosive shells to advanced precision missiles.


Lance Bombardier Myles Robertson

I am Lance Bombardier Myles Robertson, originally from Coventry. I joined The King’s Troop in August 2014 after a brief period in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. At the age of 19, I transferred to The King’s Troop for the unique challenges and opportunities within the regiment, even though I had no previous experience with horses.

I am currently the Second in Command of A-Subsection, responsible for nine Gunners and 16 horses as well as for mentoring two junior Lance Bombardiers. I am also a qualified riding instructor, which is something I am immensely proud of given my background and how hard I have had to work to get to this level. As an instructor I have taught at all levels and ranks from beginners’ lessons to advanced competition rides.

Day to day, I am responsible for the care of A-Subsection’s horses, harnesses and tack, as well as the training of my fellow drivers and horses to make sure we are up to standard and able to perform The Musical Drive.

One of my favourite things about The King’s Troop is how privileged we are to perform for the Royal family at events such as Trooping the Colour and Royal Windsor Horse Show. I ride in the Lead Driver position (a highly prized, senior position within the Gun Team), as well as having the responsibility to fire Salutes marking the key anniversaries in the Royal calendar. Most prestigious is our role in the funerals of the Royal family and important members of state. It was an honour to be able to be a part of the funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh.


Lance Bombardier Richard Rowe

I’m Lance Bombardier Richard Rowe. I’m 27 years of age and from Oxfordshire. I joined the Army in 2013 and started my basic training at Pirbright. By August 2014 I had joined The King’s Troop. I started as a Mounted Gunner (as all new members of The Troop do) tending to the horses on their day-to-day routine. I then progressed to preparing our ceremonial kit and maintaining daily exercise equipment. In 2019, I secured a spot in the forge as a fully qualified farrier and am now working towards my higher-learning courses in farriery.

My standard working day starts with ensuring that all fires in the forge are lit, then after the horses have been exercised I maintain the shoes on their feet in order to keep them road worthy and able to go out on parade as well as providing an important part to our crash party, which is the safety team that follows the regiment on every parade.

I have ridden at the Royal Windsor Horse Show multiple times and also at The Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebration in 2016. My most memorable moment was at this event, when Her Majesty came on a visit around The King’s Troop and took a particular interest in the forge where I was at work. It was a great honour to have someone of such importance take a real interest in my trade and profession.

The Troop has provided me with unique opportunities that would have never been available on civilian street or within the rest of the Army. I still have much to learn and have the option to pursue higher-learning aspects of the job as well; all of this has been paid for and provided to me by the Army and The King’s Troop.


Lance Bombardier Becky White

I am Lance Bombardier White. I am 24 years old and have done six and a half years in the Army.

I am currently part of the Officers’ Mess Batting Staff and Tailoring Department of The King’s Troop. I have just passed my basic tailoring course and am enjoying the task of ensuring the Soldiers and Officers are turned out smartly and correctly for every parade.

As a member of the Officers’ Mess Batting Staff, my day-to-day job includes ensuring the Officers of The Troop are turned out to the highest standard for all state ceremonial and public duties. Once the Officers are all prepped and their kit is done, I then assist the Tailoring Department in turning out all the solider uniforms, including alterations, repairs, medal mounting and fitting all soldiers within the unit.

I have taken part in all state ceremonial and public duties including Salutes, birthdays, funerals and horse shows around the country; riding on parade is exciting and makes me extremely proud.

My most memorable moments in The Troop come from partaking in historical prestigious events; I am most looking forward to the upcoming Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.

The King’s Troop has given me life skills and qualifications for when I’m ready to leave the Army; it has taught me to be robust and hardworking, all attributes which will be useful throughout my Army career and future civilian employment.